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11-May-2016 07:07

The main theme of the Fair this year “Modernity as dialogue with traditions” has been chosen not without reason, and what is more, has become a landmark for the anniversary year.Is it possible to talk about one major cultural tradition or we should see the past as coexistence of several differently directed aesthetic trends influencing on the contemporaneity?How can we differ the modern poetry from the traditional one?Why cannot theater and cinema exist without classical texts?He’s often referred to as a “self-made man.” Moreover some say he even managed to be born at the right time into the right family – something that allowed him to use all the advantages of the time of economic reforms in Russia.His parents were placed well enough to give him everything he needed for a successful career.In 2010, according to the Russian business magazine Finans, with his fortune of US.85 billion Prokhorov moved to second place.He made headlines across the globe when French police detained him in January 2007 in the ski resort of Courchevel – to question him on allegedly bringing in prostitutes for a party. His story is that of a man who hasn’t made a single career mistake.

He will be going forward with moving the franchise to Brooklyn as well.

Tamara Prokhorova was a materials engineer at the Institute for Chemical Machine-Building.