Who is matt thiessen dating

09-Nov-2016 07:35

“My generation of boys is f**ked,” says Rupert, a young German video game enthusiast I’ve been getting to know over the past few months. In France, we even have to pay for the kids a wife has through adulterous affairs. And while girls are favoured to fulfil quotas, men are slipping into distant second place. Women have given up on monogamy, which makes them uninteresting to us for any serious relationship or raising a family. Even if we take the risk, chances are the kids won’t be ours. In the US, they force-feed boys Ritalin like Skittles to shut them up.

With Relient K, he has released eight full-length albums, including three that were certified Gold, and three that peaked in the top twenty on the Billboard 200.

We are planning on doing a tour where we play maybe the whole record front-to-back. We’ve even talked about getting our bass player from that era, too, which might be harder to get now.

We’ve even talked about getting our drummer who was with us at that point to play with us. But we’re definitely talking about doing it with our drummer, Dave, who was with us nine years.

And although I remain sitting at this moment in time, I am telling myself this is productive. It’s a good thing my standards for myself aren’t this low when school is in session… If you missed the first two, you can easily find them here or here.

For those of you who are caught up/don’t care about the previous installments, let’s get this show on the road.The initial struggle to find any joy whilst sinking into a shrieking pit of flannel-clad flower crown-wearers ceased when my sister and I withdrew ourselves from the tangle of teen girls. A great show, nonetheless – if nothing else, proof of how futile my previous efforts to love him were.