Tribal wars self updating maps

14-Aug-2016 20:49

Clicking the plus shows the color selector for the marker.

The plus or minus with the refresh icon refreshes the map immediately, the normal plus or minus adds or removes the marker without refresh. By now you can choose between german, english and russian. " tab you can find links as BBCode or URL for linking the map in forums.

On the right hand side are buttons for adding or removing markers.

UTWB is still under development and will do whatever you want it to do - make an proposal and see it done.

Features are being added all the time so you can check home page for the latest release informations.

You can discuss Tribal Wars Map at the official Tribal Wars forums in the Tribal Wars Map discussion topic.

Tribal Wars Map is not affiliated with Tribal Wars. Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot can work all the time - 24/7 thanks to CAPTCHA recognition system.

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