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10-Oct-2016 16:44

Welcome to NO BS with Pauline Nordin Founder and President of Fighter Diet, Pauline discusses fitness, muscle and health related topics to give you the motivation and inspiration you need to get fit for life!

Pauline shares one of her books about mental programming to build strength inside out, provides tools to get rid of self- limiting doubt and how to train your brain to achieve your physique goals as well as become successful in life overall.

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-with Pauline Nordin and Jeff Bosley You name it, Pauline covers it today!

Gym-gasms, sexually induced motivation for a pre-workout, recovery cardio, gym fear, VIP group and a contender call shortly after delivering a baby horse. Egg White Int'l Use Promo Code "Fighter Diet" and save $ on your order TODAY.

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"When I was younger, I went for bad boys so I could live vicariously through them but still be square and good.

But, looking back, I wish I hadn't bothered with most of them.

I dated a guy I met at school, but we also hung out a wee bit before going on a first date. This is, of course, provided you want a relationship with a nice, cool girl. Honestly, I think you need to get over your jealousy issues first. You're the guy that thinks that everyone is going to cheat and you didn't trust your last girlfriend at all. Telling me about seeing a psychologist..the hell are you? You may have read some of my threads, and realized I was going through a hard time with an ex, and had jealousy issues (which happens when you truely care about somebody)..

Do the girls a favour, see a psychologist, then get back into the dating game. There are many different kinds with all sorts of people with all sorts of different vibes in any city. But coming in here like mike tyson trying to be all tough and act like you know me is.....ridiculous. (you probably wouldn't give a fuck what I thought...which is how I feel about you, bro.) I wouldn't say something dumb like that because I dont know you."I think the most obnoxious, annoying and frustrating fact about love it that nothing heals like time. There's no amount of bad things your friends can say about someone that will make you get over them. You have to show yourself that you life without that person goes on." 1930S DATING TIPS THAT STILL APPLY TODAY (KINDA) "WHY AREN' T I ALLOWED TO WANT A BOYFRIEND?