Consolidating loan mortgage

02-Jul-2016 04:40

Between the mortgage payment, credit cards, auto loans, college tuition and other bills, it's easy to fall behind.And it's easy to think you may never get out from under it all, but you can... Our debt consolidation loans are designed to help you catch up on bills and get the cash you need.Consolidation is not a magic bullet that gets you out of hot water or causes your creditors to disappear.Imagine finding an extra twenty dollars in your pocket every day!At American Equity Mortgage, our debt consolidation loans and services can help eliminate your debt and achieve your financial goals.Did you know that if you make the minimum monthly payment on a credit card with a ,000 balance, it could take 52 YEARS to pay it off?

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Using the equity in your home, we can combine your bills into one new low-monthly payment, saving you time and money. With dozens of different debt consolidation loan programs available, our experienced Loan Originators will find the best loan solution for you and your family.The result is a single interest rate and single monthly payment.Generally, you’ll end up paying less each month than you do now, paying all the bills separately.Next, enter the consolidated loan's rate, term and any origination fees that might apply and click the "Figure Consolidating Costs" button.

Debt consolidation allows people who are struggling with their finances to group their obligations into a single payment.If you want to get out from under high interest rate charges from credit cards, student loans, or other forms of debt, then a cash-out refinance might be the solution for you.