Chronic fatigue syndrome dating site

01-Nov-2016 10:18

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She was one of 18 people with CFS who reported improvements after taking rituximab as part of a small trial in Bergen, Norway.

I would go to work, go home, eat dinner and feel restless.” Karen (not her real name) experienced this relief from chronic fatigue syndrome while taking a drug that is usually used to treat the blood cancer lymphoma and rheumatoid arthritis (see “Karen’s experience”, below).

Rituximab wipes out most of the body’s B-cells, which are the white blood cells that make antibodies.

Øystein Fluge and Olav Mella of the Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen noticed its effect on CFS symptoms in 2004, when they used the drug to treat lymphoma in a person who happened to also have CFS.

The results could lead to new treatments for the condition, which can leave people exhausted and housebound. Four years ago, claims that a mouse virus was to blame proved to be unfounded, and some have suggested the disease is psychosomatic.

The latest study implicates the immune system, at least in some cases.

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Although CFS/ME and SEID share the same major symptom of chronic fatigue, there is variation between the definitions of these disorders.

Some people get lucky in the sense that they were already with their significant other before they became ill, but others get the experience of trying to find that special someone while carrying a load of emotional and physical medical baggage around with them every day.

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